Company Profile

USA-SafetyUSA Safety Company is recognized safety consultants, Training, Testing and quality Management company that specializes in workplace health and safety plus Security. Our main office is in Oakland, California USA. Due to the global demand, we are proud to expand our services and establish an office in Qatar to serve the whole region with safety training services. We service clientele throughout the GULF Region. We follow local, British and Qatar standards in providing the following services:

  • Full site safety Management & Consultation.
  • Testing All lifting devices & Lifting Appliances
  • OSHA Outreach Safety Training Courses.
  • Quality Management Services.

We strongly recommend employers to audit their Safety Programs regularly for Compliance, Effectiveness and Documentation.

Compliance means that someone in the company is making sure that regulations that pertain to your business are up to date in the Safety Programs and that employees have been properly informed and trained to these new regulations.

Effectiveness means that the management and representatives of crews/staff are meeting frequently to discuss the Safety Programs. We always recommend having a Safety Committee that should meet at a minimum once every month.

Documentation is mandatory for any part of the Programs: Meetings, Training, Disciplinary Actions, Procedures, Investigations, New Employees, Regular Monitoring (noise, air, etc.). The lack of proper documentation could prove to be a real problem for either OSHA or the District Attorney in the event of a work-related fatality.


The Team at USA Safety is dedicated to working with you to ensure that your business achieves and consistently maintains the highest standards of Health, Safety and quality. Our true assets consist not of bricks and mortar, but our partner whom we represent and our employees in whose skills, energy and dedication we have the utmost faith.

We at USA Safety company are confident that we will be able to meet all the many challenges facing us in the coming years. We believe that the best is yet to come.

We thank those companies which have supported us so well over many years and extend a sincere welcome to anyone else interested in sharing our future success.